Loosing Momentum? Me too.


Truthfully, my momentum to chase my aspirations is a bit deflated.

Reason being is some days it seems like nothing will change: same microaggression, same predatorial male attempting to sway me to partaking in loveless relations, weird church folk and their puritanical moral standards , debt, family drama and not to mention balancing  homework.
Most of my anxieties stems from going to college and using my existence to promote human rights. Whereas some weeks I feel great and virtuous while being backed by a crowd of supporters. Other days, I stare at the clouds with self-pity because I feel as if the universe is conspiring against me. And my thoughts become radical—the thought that I will never win.
Regardless, I can’t give into inertia–the resistance must continue.
I have this oh so haunting fear of failure. To me, failure is letting oppression win. Letting doubt win. Letting the filling of inadequacy overwhelm me.
In the past, I’ve been known for my optimism and easy going personality; however, recently I have gained some enemies and dry realism.
Truth is… you’re [I am] not for everyone.
What Do You Do When You Feel Like You’re Losing Momentum? I have no clue.
Jaideen, you have made it thus far. Every journey comes with resistance. Be whole. Remember why you started. Be whole.

This weekend I surrounded myself with good friends. They affirmed me and my aspirations.


Jai Cobb